Thursday, 7 January 2010

16: "If at first you don't obviously didn't try hard enough" CRAIG

I took my dog for a walk and saw a vision, stranded in a car.

She's gorgeous.

And the fact that she doesn't know it?

Simply makes her more so.


Not just to me either. I see the looks that she attracts when we're out together. The quick intake of breath people take when she smiles or laughs at something unaware Pure beauty, that signs from somewhere within.

I'm aware of the looks that I get too. The expressions that shout 'lucky sod' or the occasional reflective ' mates or lovers'.

And I understand.

Know that I am lucky, and that circumstances have been kind. I cannot be blamed for pouncing on her when we first met. I didn't want to let a good thing pass. Its no secret how much I like her. Can a guy be smitten? I purchased a ring after the first month of dating. A promise to myself more than her. I wasn't so crazy that I proposed then, but I want her to be mine. She's a keeper, and I knew even back then that I wanted to keep her!

I've settled. Had to compromise more then just a little. Because I cant make her choose between me and them. I share her time with her best friends, because having a part of her, is better then having none at all. And if I love her, then why wouldn't I want her to be happy?
The lads would call me a mug, laugh themselves to tears, dry them, and then laugh some more. Say i'm whipped. Sing i'm whipped.

I chased her.

Pursued her.

Was relentless.

Knocked away all of her feeble excuses as to why nothing could work between the two of us. I'm ready to offer her the keys to my freedom, just waiting for her to say she wants to chain me up. She says she's not the 'jealous type'. I worry she's not the 'commitment type' either.


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