Sunday, 20 December 2009

8: You'll always be my best friend, you know too much!"

Kendall and I have been friends for a really long time. Planned to be friends forever. Both of us victims of fate, or at the very least victims of our single working mothers. As luck would have it we started our educational journey at the same school.

I had been excited about the first day. Been ready since birth and had listened to relatives and family friends continually state that I was '5 years old going on 50!' Kendall wasn't so enthusiastic. Her mother had literally had to wrench her free from her legs and force her into the centre of the room. She'd rushed out of the door straight after, possibly because she was late for work. And bumped into my mother who was distracted in the process of calling me back towards her because I had forgotten to take my lunch box from her.

I hadn't liked the sight of Kendall at first. Just as she looks fragile now she looked even more fragile then. At 5 I was so certain of who I was meant to be and what I needed to do to get there. Its funny, because I'm 27 now and I've never been more clueless. So I had befriended Kendall, not because she was someone I would initially choose to be my friend but because at the age of 5 I could see the bigger picture and knew that when play time came I would need someone to play tag with, because I wasn't going to be the freaky child chasing no one but herself.

As Mrs. Bates told us to take our seats I had rushed to make sure I could sit next to her. And in return she had rewarded me with one of her great smiles, something I was so used to now that I took it for granted.

So she had smiled and I had waved and said “Stacy!” before taking my seat. She muttered her name and if I hadn't been sitting so close I would have missed her say “Hi I'm Kendall!”, before she dipped her head back down into her chest and awaited my next vocal interruption.


“I'm going to marry him!” I stated. Age 8 I was still so sure of myself. Kendall and I were hiding behind a hedge watching the older kids play football. We were both 8 and had discovered the benefits of gossip. Him was Taye, my friend from another school and my mothers best friends son. Kendall and I had come along way in the past three years, I felt comfortable enough to trust her with my life plan- or the parts of it that I had mapped out already. In return she no longer muttered into her chest and had begun to whole heartedly dig in and participate in all of my schemes.

Taye, the boy who could be friends with everyone and anyone but still managed to make time for me winked across the pitch. Either my 'doo-do' plaits were peeking over the top of the hedge or he was aware of the moving giggling bushes. Taye tolerated Kendall, called her my shadow, which I guess back then she was. I was a natural born leader, and if my class mates a school didn't pick me to lead a task. Well, naturally I took charge anyway.


Anonymous said...

I'm liking how this stories going. I do hope it's fiction as if this is true it will hurt everybody involved, including yourself.

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