Thursday, 17 December 2009

3."A lie is only a lie if people know!"

I'm speechless!
No words available, which is a first. And I have two available options, neither of which is particularly characteristic of me.

Firstly, I could change the topic. Tell her that just the other day I had purchased the greatest dress - perfect for New years Eve! Not tell her that, the dress was in fact chosen and paid for by Taye, her boyfriend. Nor how he had made me model it for him, struck a catwalk in the changing room and not cared who was watching as an appreciative grin spread across his face. Everyone knew we weren't going to do any more shopping that day.

Alternatively, I can act as expected. Throw on an annoyed expression and be upset and concerned on her behalf. It wouldn't be a lie. I am disappointed, in myself. Disappointed in the fact that he isn't quite the dream man because no dream would do this Disappointed too that I could no longer possibly call myself her best friend. And on top of that I was upset. Truly. Ordinarily I loved our 'Coffee Tuesdays'. I had to wait a whole week just to get back there again. One afternoon that Kendall and I had dedicated to catching up and keeping in touch. We refused to be those childhood friends that always, with the best intention planned to keep up but it never quite happened.

I'm breathing slowly and evenly, attempting to placate myself with some form of false hope that everything will be okay, normal. NORMAL??? Like I even had a concept of what constituted as normal anymore!
Kendall sighs and I'm brought straight back to the present. Made aware of the fact that her smile doesn't impact any of her features except her lips.
If it were anyone else sighing so much in one conversation I would already be onto eye roll number 5 and inside I'd be thinking "drama queen" and "shut the hell up!"
But it's Kendall my non violent friend who offered to beat up my ex boyfriend when he dumped me because he "had found someone better, a real babe!"
So I concentrate.


Anonymous said...

whoop whoop go girl!! Talented writer... i'm not biased.. honest!

The other woman said...

thnx!! appreciated!

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